Original and new SST25VF032B 25VF032B 25VF0328 storage IC

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Original and new SST25VF032B 25VF032B 25VF0328 storage IC:


Product description: The picture is only for reference, because there may be a different batch number and datecode.   Warm reminding: Installing chips requires skills, so when you install them, you must be careful, otherwise the Chips will be even if they are Original and brand new. The operating temperature for lead chips is 221 degrees Celsius, 183 degrees Celsius for leaded BGA chips. Please be careful when soldering chips. It is necessary to heat the chip bit by bit, from low to the desired temperature

Product Features

Operating temperature: standardbrand: sstDispersion power: standardType: Voltage regulatorApplication: Computer Power supply voltage: standard

Article: SST25VF032B

Condition: New