Isl887 Isl88731a Isl88731ahrz Isl88731 Ic Power Sony, Hp,etc

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Isl887 Isl88731a Isl88731ahrz Isl88731 Ic Power Sony, Hp,etc:


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Isl887 Isl88731a Isl88731ahrz Isl88731 Ic Power


Key Features
0.5% Battery Voltage Accuracy
3% Adapter Current Limit Accuracy
3% Charge Current Accuracy
SMBus 2-Wire Serial Interface
Battery Short Circuit Protection
Fast Response for Pulse-Charging
Fast System-Load Transient Response
Monitor Outputs
Adapter Current (3% Accuracy)
AC-Adapter Detection
11-Bit Battery Voltage Setting
6 Bit Charge Current/Adapter Current Setting
8A Maximum Battery Charger Current
11A Maximum Adapter Current
+8V to +28V Adapter Voltage Range
Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)
The ISL88731 is a highly integrated Lithium-ion battery charger controller, programmable over the SMBus system management bus (SMBus). The ISL88731 is intended to be used in a smart battery charger (SBC) within a smart battery system (SBS) that throttles the charge power such that the current from the AC-adapter is automatically limited. High efficiency is achieved with a DC/DC synchronous-rectifier buck converter, equipped with diode emulation for enhanced light load efficiency and system bus boosting prevention. The ISL88731 charges one to four Lithium-ion series cells, and delivers up to 8A charge current. Integrated MOSFET drivers and bootstrap diode result in fewer components and smaller implementation area. Low offset current-sense amplifiers provide high accuracy with 10m¿ sense resistors. The ISL88731 provides 0.5% end-of-charge battery voltage accuracy.

The ISL88731 provides a digital output that indicates the presence of the AC adapter as well as an analog output which indicates the adapter current within 4% accuracy.

The ISL88731 is available in a small 5mmx5mm 28 Ld Thin (0.8mm) QFN package. An evaluation kit is available to reduce design time. The ISL88731 is available in Pb-Free packages.

Notebook Computers
Tablet PCs
Portable Equipment with Rechargeable Batteries

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