G5173R41D G5173 5173 QFN-16

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 G5173R41D G5173 5173 QFN-16

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The 5173 reportedly accepts full pro-audio signal levels up to +27.5 dBu without an input pad. According to the company, due to its design and integrated DC servo amplifier, the 5173 provides “click-less digital gain control for differential analog current-feedback preamplifiers.” The 5mmx5mm 5173 controls gain from 0 dB to 60 dB in 3dB steps.

The 5173 is designed to operate with the THAT1570 current-feedback amplifier, the company’s analog differential microphone preamp. In combination with the 1570, the 5173 operates with supplies from ±5V to ±17V. Its differential output can be used for connection to differential-input A/D converters.