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Dax Networks, one of India’s networking companies has launched in the country, its all new Internet Router – the DX-1821-IR. The DX-1821-IR will be available in the Indian market for Rs. 17,990.

Dax’s Internet router comes with features optimized for broadband applications and claims to be adaptable to wide array of traffic scenarios.

Its features include “super-fast” embedded CPU, 5 built-in 10/100M TX self-adapting Ethernet ports, support for up to 200 concurrent online users, support for IPSec and multiple protocols like the L2TP and PPTP for complete network security.

The Ethernet ports in DX-1821-IR are configurable in any WAN/LAN port combination. And the support for 200 online users at the same time is maintained sans any interruption or downtime in a NAT-enabled environment.

These features make it ideal for community networks, net cafes, and small and medium-sized businesses.

AC, an enhanced, high-performance, managed, stackable layer 3 switch. Priced at Rs. 2,60,290, the DX-0528GTE-L3-AC switch is designed to provide high density Gigabit desktop connectivity for mid-size and large enterprises.

With high performance hardware support and rich software features, this switch is configured to match most customer applications.

The major target applications are:

• MAN – Aggregation and Access
• Campus – Core, Aggregation and Access
• LAN – Core, Aggregation and Access

DX-0528GTE-L3-AC switch is fitted with twenty four on board 10/100/1000 Base-T Ports, 4 gigabit SFP ports (shared) and two expansion slots for 10 G modules for total of four 10G ports. DX-0528GTE-L3-AC is IPv6 Phase I and Phase II certified, and RoHS standard compliant.

IPv6 Phase II certification means that the switch provides multiple IPv6 features that are required for Enterprise applications. These include IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack, ICMPv6, SNMP, SSH, HTTP, sFlow over IPv6, IPv6 ping/tracert and IPv6 based routing.

It has a high performance of 95.2 Mbps and 184 Gbps backplane bandwidth. The four 10G support provides the maximum uplink connection on higher bandwidth and inter switch connection. It also sports enhanced reliability and redundancy balance with Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) LACP and Power redundancy, as well as in-built Virtual LAN technology with 4K VLANs, MRPP ring protection and recovery technology. A Strong ACL means time based support and anti-attack protection. The switch also has Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) ready support.

DX-0528GTE-L3-AC comes with a 3-year carry-in warranty and online support for customers. Dax plans to market this product through its network of Authorized Dax Solution Providers (ADSPs) and system integrators spread across the country.