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Context 1
… synthesis of AuNPs in PEDOT:PSS/aqueous solutions. Figure 1 shows the microplasma set-up used for the in situ synthesis of AuNPs. A room temperature atmospheric pressure direct-current (DC) plasma was initiated between a stainless steel capillary (0.25 mm inner diameter, 0.5 mm outer diameter) and the surface of the HAuCl 4 /PEDOT:PSS aqueous solution to synthesize the AuNPs. …
Context 2
… capillary (100% He) was held constant at 25 sccm. The detailed experimental set up can be also found elsewhere [42][43][44] . The distance between the capillary and the plasma-liquid interface was ini- tially adjusted to 0.9 mm. A carbon rod was used as a counter electrode and kept at a distance of ~2 cm from the metal capillary, as shown in Fig. 1. Microplasma processing was carried out for different time intervals (i.e., 2 min, 5 min, 10 min and 20 min) on different samples at a constant current of 5 mA. The initial voltage was 2 kV and this was progressively reduced to 0.8 kV to maintain the current …