Micro Lithium CR2032 3V Coin Cell Battery, CalculatorS

Micro Lithium CR2032 3V Coin Cell Battery, CalculatorS

These lithium coin cells are very useful for your PC or laptop when your motherboard Cmos battery dies & your computer clock stop functioning. Besides, these lithium coin cells are also very useful for powering your daily products like calculators, watches, remotes, car keys, toys, personal organisers, etc.


Specifications :
Model : CR2032System : Manganese dioxide–Li/Organic ElectrolyteNominal Voltage : (V) 3Battery life : approx 150 hoursNominal Capacity : (mAh)* 220Nominal Discharge Current : (mA) 0.2Operating Temperature Range : (deg. C)** –20 to +85Weight : (g)*** 3.0Dimensions : Diameter 20.0, Height 2.5mm.

*Nominal capacity indicates duration until the voltage drops down to 2.0V when discharged at a nominal discharge current at 20 deg. C.*Dimensions and weight are for the battery itself, but may vary depending on the shape of terminals or other factors.

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